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What to expect during Test Drive

How often will I receive Test Drive?

Test Drive will generally be sent after the close of the market.  The frequency depends on how often we trade.  You may not get a Test Drive for days or even weeks, or you might get them every day for a while.  We anticipate that in a 90 day Test Drive you might get as many as 50 or as few as 10.  But don't hold us to that number, it's all about what happens in the markets.

What is in the Test Drive email or text?

Test Drive is really our "Client Update," which we send to clients but not all clients have the same securities.  With Test Drive you will get a general (not complete) mix of many of our accounts.

We hope you enjoy the ride!

Thanks for joining Test Drive Garrett Capital.  Below are some "fine print" details of your Test Drive.

Test Drive is intended for high-net-worth individual investors or trustees managing high-net-worth family offices, retirement plans, corporations, or institutions.  These investors are generally referred to as Qualified or Accredited Investors.  Refer to the Securities and Exchange Commission for specific definitions.

You can receive Test Drive via email, or on your mobile phone (text) or by computer generated voice.  If you would like to change from mobile to email or vice-versa just give us a call or email us.

Garrett Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor headquartered at 299 South Main Street, Suite 1300, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111; 800-657-2600.  We are a fee-only investment portfolio manager.

The information sent to you via Test Drive is not a recommendation to buy or sell.  Test Drive generally indicates what we are doing in client accounts and contains no information about specific percentages of holdings in those accounts.  Some client accounts may or may not contain the securities mentioned in Test Drive depending on client account risk levels, profiles of clients, objectives of clients, and types of client accounts.  Some Test Drive securities may not be suitable for some investors.  Each investor should consult with a financial advisor about their specific circumstances before investing. 

Test Drive is for a limited duration of a maximum of 90 days.  However, you may unsubscribe at any time.  We will send you updates when we notify our clients with updates.  These can come at any time, but usually after the markets are closed the same day we took action.

We will not send any client information to you.  Client information is always confidential.


We will only send general and basic information about positions.  We won't send information on share balances, percentage exposure to a security, how long we've held a position or details about how many shares we purchased or sold.  Occasionally we might indicate a percentage of a sale.

Nothing in Test Drive is a recommendation to buy or sell. 

Past performance cannot guarantee future results.