Garrett Capital's Test Drive is our way of showing you what we do without your having to open an account with us. 

What You Get:

  • We will notify you through email when we make trades, reallocate portfolios, reduce or increase exposure, and make other moves in client accounts, plus include a reason why we are making those moves.

  • We may utilize securities that other advisors avoid like the plague such as cannabis stocks, country-specific ETFs, IPOs, or stocks priced below $5/share (often referred to as penny stocks).

What You Don't Get:

  • We don't share your information!

  • We won't attempt to sell you anything.

  • We won't show any client information or balances. That is always confidential. We won't show how many shares we bought, sold, how those shares are allocated, or what the risk calculations are.  We will keep it simple.

Test Drive is not a recommendation to buy or to sell.  Test Drive is intended for Qualified or Accredited investors and not the general public.  Test Drive shows general information about the securities and positions we are entering into for other clients and may not be suitable for all clients.  Not all clients hold all positions mentioned in Test Drive.  Clients may hold other positions or strategies not mentioned in Test Drive.  Some positions or strategies held may not be mentioned in Test Drive.  Test Drive is intended to give a general view of close to real-time investment advisory services offered by Garrett Capital, Inc., and is not intended for clients or prospects in states where Garrett Capital is not registered.